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Malte Pack 1.15





Special features of the Malte Pack 1.15

Includes more than 50 individual 3D models!

3D models+ 3D bookshelf
+ 3D ladder
+ 3D redstone lamp
+ 3D sea lantern
+ 3D rail, activator rail, detector rail, powered rail
+ 3D sugar cane
+ 3D lever item
+ 3D hay bale
+ 3D cauldron
+ 3D chiseled quartz
+ 3D fences (acacia, birch, dark oak, oak, spruce)
+ 3D furnace
+ 3D crafting table
+ 3D enchantment table
+ 3D jukebox
+ 3D noteblock


Includes connecting blocks (requires OptiFine)!

+ connecting jungle logs
+ connecting glass blocks / panes
+ grass overlay
+ sand & red sand overlay



Additional notes:

  • Please note that the MaltePack 1.15 does not work properly in older versions of the game. You can find all versions of the MaltePack on the website!
  • Please report any problems you may have with downloading this pack! I will provide a mirror link if needed
  • Please note that you need the latest version of OptiFine for the connecting blocks to work! (may not work in snapshots)
  • Please note that this pack is only 85% finished! There are still not all textures for armor and mobs included.
  • All credit for the font goes to Google