Lithos:Christmas Add-on 32x

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46,781 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 26, 2019 Game Version: 1.14.4

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NOTE: This is not a stand-alone pack. In Minecraft 1.7 or later, add this pack above the pack of your choice to combine them.

This is an add-on pack to make your world look a little bit more festive for the Holidays. It meshes best with Lithos, but can be combined with any pack.  A few of the features shown may only work with Minecraft 1.8.

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  • Wreaths for every Door
  • Chests are wrapped like presents, with an extra-special version on Christmas Eve and Christmas
  • Animated Christmas lights on Spruce Leaves and potted Spruce Sapling
  • Roses/Poppies turned to Poinsettias
  • Rain is replaced with Snowfall
  • All Wool is enhanced with Vintage patterns
  • Snow on all Tree Leaves
  • A Dusting of Snow on Grass, Mycellium, Endstone and Podzol
  • Leather Helmet turned to Santa hat
  • Double-tall Fern becomes small Decorated Pine Tree
  • Chorus Plant is Candy-Cane striped
  • Browned all plants
  • Cake to Fruitcake
  • Winter colored water
  • Pumpkin might be carved with a Star
  • Bed and Enchanting Table Cloth replaced with red and green plaid.
  • Redstone lamp has animated Star pattern
  • Soul Sand smiles
  • Red & Green Force Field
  • Frosty Title-Screen and Background
  • Festive GUI background