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Filename JermsyBoy's Vanilla Edits
Uploaded by JermsyBoy
Uploaded Aug 6, 2021
Game Version 1.17.1   +2
Size 3.87 MB
Downloads 1,713
MD5 1f96b529f5b4f89a862e6cb889045941
Supported Minecraft 1.17 Versions


Changelog (V1.3.2)
Updated Plank textures
Updated Bricks
Updated Flower Pot
Updated Flint and Steel
Updated Prismarine Brick Texture
Updated Buckets
Updated Pigstep to match other records
Updated Pickaxes, Axes, Shovels, Hoes, Swords, and Bow
Updated Wood Pressure Plates
Updated Barrel
Updated Gold Block
Updated Mycelium Overlays
Updated Potions(Requires Optifine)
Updated Tripwire Hooks
Updated Flame, Candle, & Lava Particles
Updated Fire & Soul Fire
Updated Torch & Soul Torch Model
Updated most Iron related textures
Updated most Sand related textures
Updated Rooted Dirt
Updated Azalea Leaves & Bushes
Updated Spore Blossom Item
Updated Azalea Leaves with Bushy Model
Updated Some Terracotta/Concrete textures (still WIP)
Edited Melon Item
Edited Blockstone Double Slab Colors
Edited Dirt Colors
Edited Hay Bale Colors
Edited Compass Colors
Edited Copper Colors
Fixed Nether Brick Fences
Fixed Big & Small Dripleaf stems
Fixed Trapdoor models to be compatible with modded trapdoors
Fixed Dirt Paths
Reverted Ores to Vanilla textures
Removed Pig Texture
Removed Sea Pickle Candle Texture
Removed Dried Kelp Block
Removed Tall Grass Variants
Removed Redstone Torch, Repeater & Comparator Item Textures
Removed some unused files