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Filename JermsyBoy's Vanilla Edits
Uploaded by JermsyBoy
Uploaded Nov 14, 2019
Game Version 1.14.4   +5
Size 5.51 MB
Downloads 6,233
MD5 a552111247aceb5dc6b2fd87d3e33c83
Supported Minecraft 1.14 Versions


Changelog (V1.1)
Added colormap to most stone related blocks (Stone, Cobblestone, Stone Bricks, etc.)
Added Brown Llama Variant(based on Jolly Llama from Minecraft Earth)
Added Brown Rabbit Variant(based on Jumbo Rabbit from Minecraft Earth)
Added Leather Armor Textures
Added new Terracotta textures(dyed & regular)
Added new Cobblestone Variants
Added Horse Variants
Added Chicken Variants
Added Lightmap
Added More Podzol Variants
Added more Grass Variants
Added Rose Bush Variants
Added Animated Lit Furnace texture
Added unique Enchanted Book Textures
Added snowy texture to Spruce Leaves snowy when placed in Snowy Biomes
Changed Loading Screen Color
Changed pack name from Jermsy's to JermsyBoy's Vanilla Edits
Changed Glass Texture
Changed Pink Glass Texture
Changed Double Cut Sandstone to pillar texture
Changed Sand/Sandstone & related blocks
Changed Grass/Leaf color in Snowy Biomes
Changed Totem of Undying
Changed Arrows & Tipped Arrows
Changed Red Sand/Red Sandstone & related blocks
Changed Spruce Trapdoors
Changed Crafting Table
Changed Signs
Changed Tnt
Changed Door Items
Changed Birch Door
Changed Shulker Boxes
Changed SilverFish, Creeper, Enderman, Endermite, and Music Discs to match Jappa's textures
Edited Sheep Horns
Edited Bricks
Edited Snowy Leaves
Edited Dark Oak, Spruce, and Birch Leaves in Savanna biome
Edited Red Sand color
Edited some biome colors(Taiga, Snowy Biomes, and Mountains)
Edited Door Models
Edited Chests textures
Edited Wall Models
Edited Banner Pattern items
Fixed Z-fighting on leaves
Reverted Note Block to vanilla texture
Reverted End Stone Brick Stairs & Slabs to vanilla texture