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This is Itsmooth,

Itsmooth is a Minecraft Simplistic Texture Pack. In this pack, all(most) textures are 8p x 8p. This is half of the usual 16p x 16p. Well you did read that almost all textures are going to be 8p x 8p, but what about the other few? Well, the texture for water, for example, is 256p x 32p and it would be very ugly if I were to make that 8p x 8p, so I will half the size of that texture.

Everything will not have more than 3 different colors to ensure simplicity and keep the style of the pack. These 3 different colors will almost always be the top 3 most dominant colors in the already existing texture. Keep in mind though, that some textures (like concrete) might have less than 3 colors in them.

Because all the textures are 8p x 8p, a bonus perk of this pack is that it will actually improve the performance of your game to some extent! It will not only improve the performance of the game, but it will also calm it down, and make it a lot easier to look at, and if you are doing something (like speedrunning) that requires concentration then this pack will help.

I am putting a lot of effort into this pack, so if you like it consider subscribing to my YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/Itsme64
Video explaining the pack (in more detail than above):

Steps to completion:

  • 5% nothing
  • 10% 224 blocks
  • 15% 448  blocks
  • 20% 672  blocks
  • 25% 896 blocks (all)
  • 30% 178 items
  • 35% 356 items
  • 40% 534 items
  • 45% colormap + environment + map + misc + models
  • 50% particle + painting
  • 55% GUI
  • 60% new GUI
  • 65% 18 entities
  • 70% 36 entities
  • 75% 54 entities
  • 80% 72 entities
  • 85% 90 entities
  • 90% 104 entities
  • 95% UI
  • 100% 1.20


For the Minecraft Bedrock version, check out my profile!

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