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Welcome to The Theme Park Pack!


This resource pack aims to bring something a bit different to IR, trains that are intended for Theme Parks!


resource pack currently contains 2 full sets with 2 more coming soon


Currently Contains

C.P. Huntington

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad


The original C.P. Huntington is a Standard gauge locomotive, but thats not what we have here. This is the C.P. Huntington made by Chance Rides, and is meant for MC gauge track.

Currently comes with two locomotive livery


All Specifications are as close to those found on the Chance Rides website as possible


Big Thunder Mountain is owned by The Disney Company, with this fan recreation created by Dark Raider. Note that this is a coaster, and will be moved soon to a separate pack specifically for theme park attractions, as opposed to theme park trains




Proper Logo coming as soon as i can make one between classes...



Under no circumstances may any content in this pack be reproduced, ported, or modified and publicly distributed without explicit permission from the respective author, DarkRaider or DigitalMagic (DJZelex). Usage of this pack for profit or monetary gain of any type is strictly forbidden. By downloading this pack, you agree to these terms and conditions.


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