Hysteria is a 1.17.x resource pack, with a mix of resolutions from 16x to 64x, mostly 32x.
The pack was designed to be compatible with ConnectedTexturesMod-Fabric! 

However, it also has some support for Optifine, and it's fabric CTM alternative: Connected Block Textures.



It is not recommended to mix the two mods together, as they do the same thing, and will compete during runtime.
The pack features clear connected glass for ConnectedBlockTextures:


However, with CTMF, we get a lot more features than just some connected blocks.


Emissive Light Sources and Bloom:

 Added in v0.2



A collection of emissive blocks (some are yet to be emissive due to animation issues with sodium!):
Added in v0.2


Connected Old-Style, Glowing, and Bloomy Ores and Ore Borders!

Added in v0.3, make sure to download v0.5.1 of CTMF or later!


Other Connected Blocks

Added in v0.4


A lot more connected blocks, such as polished stone variants, metal blocks, and more are being developed every day!


The pack adds a lot more than just CTMF features however, feel free to delete these non-CTMF features if you want. (Redistribution is NOT allowed!)

For example, it brings back the nice old logs, with smoother planks and leaves:




satan#0265 and capetaanal#2008 for helping with the Crying Obsidian texture! (it will be emissive and animated once incompatibilities are fixed!)

\Kristian#6158 for helping with the iron and diamond block textures!

mineland#0069 for helping with the crimson and warped planks textures!

mlgimposter#8395 for the new katana textures!

Netherite textures from PMC!

Pepper#5106 for being an epic developer, helping me work out issues with CTMF, and maintaining the epic CTMF mod.