Homeless Resource Pack

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33,999 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 9, 2019 Game Version: 1.8.9

These textures are only for Roleplay only and change only a small part of Minecraft textures.


Here you can download the textures with bottles and money, modern weapons and so on. What you can find here at this moment:

- Russian money (converted dyes)

- Cudgel, brass knuckles, etc. (converted swords)

- Bottles (converted flowers)

- Modern food - burgers, fastfood, etc (converted food)

- Much more in next update


Copyright FAQ

- All that is not explicitly allowed, prohibited.

- You can not use any part of the textures in their textures

- You can do reviews on Youtube and text reviews, but with a visible and clickable link to this page.

- You can not reupload this textures.