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I have enjoyed using Glimmar's Steampunk for my Minecraft world so much, that not having textures to go with his amazing textures needed to be rectified. I, Megistus, took it upon myself to change that situation, and as such my Mod Support Resource Pack was born about two years ago. Initially it was for my own personal use, but, decided that for all the work I was doing, that it would be great to share such a resource with the community. 


With special permission by Glimmar himself, he has allowed me to put my resource pack up on Curse to increase visibility of the mod support pack, but also to increase the visibility of his pack as well. Additionally, as I am able to upload to this site, and do versioning a lot more easily than trying to change Glimmar's Minecraft forum OP every time I do an update, my intent is to have not only to be able to download from this site, but also from the OP site that will automatically reflect when I have updated. However, the permission gained does have limitations. While you can read this below, it is worth stating here: While I do maintain the Mod Support Resource Pack ... all copyright for this pack belongs to Glimmar as many of the textures belong to him, or have been derived from other texture donations to him. All copyright that govern's Glimmar's pack also govern this pack as well. It is his property, and will be treated as such. I just maintain this particular support pack.



Finally, some notes:

1. I only update mod textures for mods that I use. In this pack there is a number of new textures - usually tweaked from Glim's original textures so that many of the mods will seamlessly fit into the textured world created by Glimmar. If you are desperately wanting to have your favorite mod textured, feel free to look through all the work here and take a crack at mod texturing yourself.


2. Because of the 1.7+ Resource Pack architecture, the mod textures are their own resource pack. However, you will need Glimmar's resource pack for this pack to work correctly.


3. Because of Forge Mod Loader now assigning ID numbers, there is a potential that some of the CTM work I have done for the mods may not function for you. You will have to manually seek out the ID numbers on your own and change the properties file name depending upon your configuration.


Currently, the following need manually assigned blockId’s in the CTM folder:


As I use Optifine, instead of MCPatcher, Optifine does not yet support block naming and I cannot yet change those files. Once Optifine does change its coding to support block naming, then I will change the properties files so that this will no longer be an issue. However, I suspect that this will be something I will do once I start work on 1.8


4. The specific work that I have completed can be found in the ChangeLog.txt. Changelogs found in the indvidual texture files are now depreciated. See this file for specific changes. Hopefully I have been diligent enough to document all the work.



Supported Mods:

Jakj Redstone in Motion
Mantle (TiC)
Minefactory Reloaded
Balkons Weapons Mod




Copyright License:

International Protection:

This work is internationally copyrighted under the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works

For more information please visit:



This resource pack(henceforth "textures" or "The resource pack"), is the sole property of the Mod author (Glimmar, henceforth "Owner" or "The Owner") or work by other authors by which material/textures are being used with consent. By default it may only be distributed by the author on, or other sites The Owner personally posts it on.


Permission has been granted by the Owner for "Megistus' Mod Support Texture Pack" (henceforth "mod pack") to be distribued on Curse/Curse Forge (solely) separately from what the Owner posts on. Ownership of the mod pack resides with the Owner (Glimmar), and is maintained by Megistus.


In the event of Glimmar's extended absence from the Minecraft Forums, Glimmar's Steampunk and Megistus' Mod Support Testure Pack remains copyright and the property of the Owner (Glimmar) according to the conditions laid out below. Any public distribution of the textures supplied within the 'Glimmar's Steampunk' resource pack and other downloadable Glimmar art assets, without Glimmar's written permission, is strictly forbidden.

The Minecraft EULA does NOT supersede the Owner's International copyright, this licence or conditions herein.

Glimmer is a Proud Member of the Minecraft 'Texture Artist's Union'

Gold version: A strict level of security. Having this on my pack indicates textures can only be used after written permission is obtained from the Owner of the pack (Glimmar). It also indicates that adfly links on downloads containing the Owner's work are never acceptable, under any circumstances.

This Resource Pack is provided 'as is' with no warranties, implied or otherwise. The Owner of this resource pack takes no responsibility for any damages incurred from it's use. This resource pack alters fundamental parts of the Minecraft game and Minecraft may not work or may work differently than expected. All damages caused from the use or misuse of this texture pack fall on the user.


For personal use you are free to modify the pack, but you must not redistribute such modifications or any part of this resource/texture pack online or by any other means.


You are free to upload ingame pics, make Youtube videos, write online reviews etc. However, if you post any such media online outside the Glimmar's Steampunk thread you must give clear credit and a link back to this thread:


Take screenshots and post them here in my thread, anywhere on the Minecraft Forums* or any other third party websites*.

Create videos and post them here on the Minecraft Forums* or any other third party websites*. Please let Glimmar know so he has the chance to add them to his user media gallery in the offical thread. Link to Glimmar's Steampunk resource pack thread on the Minecraft Forums, so other Minecraft users can enjoy Glimmar's Steampunk.


*please attach appropriate credit and a link.


Re-create any of the Glimmar's Steampunk packs.

Edit/use/modify the textures or any art assets, other than for personal use.

Upload any Glimmar's Steampunk resource pack files or textures to any third party servers, eg., etc.

Use the Owner's pack for public display purposes as a base for creating your own pack.

Claim as your own project / re-distribute in ANY way.

Use ANY part of Glimmar's Steampunk for profit using such things as Adfly links, etc.

Direct link to my downloads, or re-host my files or art assets. The Author considers this to be piracy, as it bypasses my offical thread and creates problems for both the Owner and the user when things don't work as expected. Instead please link to my official Minecraft Forum resource pack thread here:-

Any contravention of the above conditions will be reported and where necessary the Owner may claim damages and/or take other appropriate action to rectify the situation.


If you are using 'Glimmar's Steampunk' or the 'Mod Support' Resource Pack and you wish to modify some of my textures (for your server or adventure map), post a single download link to your add-on resource pack in the Owner's MC Forums Glimmar's Steampunk thread (ie. your add-on resource pack file must be hosted on my offical thread), to which all traffic for GS downloads must be directed from your own thread or website. This means The Owner gets fair recognition for his original work and your users always get the latest 'official' version of Glimmar's Steampunk, even if you don't update your add-on file.


Clear and appropriate credit and a link to The Owner's Minecraft Forums 'Glimmar's Steampunk' resourcepack thread must be given at all times on your main public page (ie. not tucked away at the bottom of your thread or webpage!). There is a Glimmar's Steampunk 'link' banner on the first page of the official thread for this purpose...please use it.


Modified versions of the Owner's resource pack or individual textures must not under any circumstances be offered for download on public Minecraft Websites. eg. Minecraft Forums, Planet Minecraft, etc. or anywhere outside the Owner's official download threads. Any contravention of this condition will be reported and Where necessary the Owner may claim damages and/or take other appropriate action to rectify the situation.

Server admins, do not allow members to upload your add-on resource pack on your's or other websites. They will be breaking the Owners terms of use and permission for your server to distribute a modified version of my pack through my thread may be withdrawn.


Any modified versions of my textures remain the property of the Owner and are thus subject to the Owner's conditions above.


Making supporting textures for mods, eg. Feed The Beast, Tekkit, etc. (but absolutely not other texture or resource packs) in the style of this pack, may be an exception to the above. Please see the Owner's 'Mod Suppport' section in my Mincraft Forums thread (link above) for licence conditions.

Any contravention of the above conditions will be reported and where necessary the Owner may claim damages and/or take other appropriate action to rectify the situation.


If you aren't happy with any of the above conditions...tough! Don't bother using my textures or resource/texture pack, or even asking...couldn't be simpler!


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