Glendale [16x] [v3.1] [New 1.8 3D Objects!]

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The Glendale pack started out back in Beta as a texture pack designed for use along with my adventure map, Glendale Island. After a lot of work and time went into the pack, perhaps more so then the map it's self, and how I started using it for general game play, I scrapped the plan of making it just for one map, and turned it into a general Minecraft texture pack.

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1.8 Custom Mesh Support!
Uses MCPATCHER/Optifine features such as:
CTM (Connective Texture)
Fog, Trees, and water Biome tinting
Custom Lightmap
Custom Night Sky
Random Mob support


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Big thanks to David and Toby for featuring Glendale in their
Minecraft Weekly News for April 5th! (Their intro flyby and at the end)

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