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Uploaded by FreshLX_official
Uploaded Aug 20, 2021
Game Version 1.17.1
Size 109.98 KB
Downloads 549,250
MD5 a74b7ebd5721dda0e2472026c6b9a37c
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Tweaks / Fixes:

  • Creeper texture pixel
  • Creeper overlay size
  • Added Wither Skeleton overlay to match the Skeleton
  • Pixelated brows for Villager, Zombie Villager, Witch, Illagers (except for Ravager). For texture pack add-ons.
  • Iron Golem legs no longer disconnect from its waist (at least not as much)
  • Iron Golem no longer does a ballet dance when in air
  • Guardian/Elder Guardian movement tweaks
  • Witch's arms position when swimming while holding a potion fixed
  • Spider/Cave Spider no longer lowers it's body as it moves while being ridden
  • Drowned legs when off ground adjusted 
  • Drowned legs when swimming underwater no longer disconnects from body (at least not as much)
  • Drowned hurt animation when swimming underwater adjusted
  • Enderman idle eyes no longer twitch
  • Particle 'generic_0' texture is back. Was removed to hide the Phantom particle effect, but removed many other particles. The only particle hidden now is Mycelium (Phantom particle is linked to this).

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