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245,145 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 22, 2015 Game Version: 1.9-Snapshot  

This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

November 22, 2015: A new version for the 1.9 snapshots, right now updated for 15w47c!

There will be an updated version for 1.8.8 soon with all the new stuff as far as i can implement them, it'll also contain some Optifine/MCPatcher related stuff.

 The downloads for the 1.8 and 1.7 versions are in "Other Downloads".

Check the last few thread pages of my Minecraft Forum thread (or this Imgur album) to see a few screenshots of the additions and changes.

Again, please tell me if you find errors, mistakes i made, things you don't like etcetera. Thanks!


September 24, 2014: A new version for the 1.8 update AND for 1.7.10!

Lots of fixes and new textures in the 1.8 version.
The new 1.7.10 version contains most of the randomisations of the 1.8 versions now.
There' mod support for Voxelmap, BetterFoliage and Jammy's furniture mod!
The font is also slightly changed - looks a lot better when emboldened.

Again, please tell me if you find errors, mistakes i made, things you don't like etcetera. Thanks!

07 September 2014: A first version for the 1.8 update is here!

It's not finished yet, there are still a lot of little things to fix (random texture weights are probably way too high). Please tell me if you find errors, mistakes i made, things you don't like etcetera on my thread on! Thanks!
I ran out of time to update this first post properly (the description and the images are horrible outdated), i may be away for the next few days - will do that when i'm back and got (hopefully) a bit of feedback to upload a more finished version. :)

News July 06, 2014: Update to v5.0 for 1.7.10.

The pack got featured in a Minecraft Spotlight!

Hey there! This texture pack is my fan continuation of Ray Frenden's Cartoon Pack - "Made of awesome!" It's one of the first texture packs. I discovered it over two years ago shortly after i bought Minecraft, it made me register here to thank Ray for it. A few months ago i started to play again. I noticed soon that i don't want to play without this pack, but Ray had decided a while ago to stop updating it, he made it open source and uploaded it on Github. So i had to do something...

The pack works without any modifications, but i recommend to use MCPatcher or Optifine. You'll get the best results with MCPatcher. Want to know more? Please visit my thread on!


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