Fun in the Sun + Summer's Bushy Leaves

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The Fun in the Sun textures are meant to revisit the vanilla textures and give them a vibrant twist. I wanted to make Minecraft enjoyable again (not that it wasn't enjoyable in the first place but I thought the vanilla textures looked... well, vanilla), so I came up with a fun spin on a classic game. This pack is ideal for builders, but can also have a place in any other type of player.


FITS requires OptiFine for the following items:


  • Connected glass textures (sans stained glass)
  • Connected spruce and dark oak trapdoors (vertical)
  • Leafy sugar cane
  • Chiseled stone brick pillars (vertical)


If you are using mods with this pack, these textures should still be accessible if you are using OptiFine.


  • Download the correct pack version for your game on the right side of the screen
  • Head into your Minecraft main menu screen (title screen)
  • Click Options > Resource Packs > Open Resource Pack Folder (bottom left) 
  • Drag the FITS file into the Resource Pack Folder


FITS IS A MAIN PACK FILE... This means that it will override many other texture packs... if you want FITS textures to be the main things you see, have the pack on the top of the pack list. If you have other add-on packs you would like to use (Like Jerm's Better Leaves, Xali's Enchanted Books, etc.), be sure that FITS is directly underneath those packs in the pack list.


SummersBushyLeaves are the bushy leaf add-on to FITS. Feel free to download it to enhance your experience for FITS, or separately to enhance your vanilla experience! Be sure your graphics are set to Fancy if you use the add-on.


To contact me, click the link below!



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