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Are you fed up with simple vanilla beds that are always the same? Then this resource pack is for you!

With this resource pack, the beds get a new look, more fancy and cute. Thanks to this, the beds can be fitted into more decorations, giving more life to Minecraft!

Beds showcase

Fancy Beds 3.1 (current)

Fancy Beds 3.0

Fancy Beds 2.1

Fancy Beds 2.0

Fancy Beds 1.0



Download Instructions

1. Download the version of Fancy Beds that you want to use

2. Put the downloaded file in the ".minecraft>resourcepacks" folder

3. Run Minecraft

4. Click on "Options"

5. Click on "Resource Packs"

6. Choose "Fancy Beds"

7. Have fun!

Terms of Use and Attribution

By using this resource pack, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions

You may:
- ✅ edit this resource pack for personal use, meaning you cannot share it publicly
- ✅ include this resource pack in modpacks or on a server
- ✅ use and edit this resource pack (if the edited version is not publicly available) in forms of content (e.g. videos, live streams, blog posts) as long as you give clear credit in an appropriate place, such as video descriptions.

You may NOT:
- ❌ redistribute this resource pack
- ❌ redistribute edited or unedited assets of this resource pack

These terms are subject to change at any time.

Agente_511 is the creator and copyright owner of this resource pack

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