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 ( Music Disc addon is exclusively available on our discord, adding 50 old and new Minecraft parodies!) 
This pack aims to overhaul Minecraft, but still maintaining the vanilla
experience with an animated and nostalgic feel along with references to
many iconic youtubers and classic animations.


This pack supports EVERY minecraft Java edition version,
granted, older versions naturally lack some features.

Bedrock is on the way

Many popular custom features have also been built directly into the pack, such as

Unique Potions + suspicious stews (!)
Custom enchanted book textures (!)
Connected textures (*)
Emissive textures
Lower Shield
Degrading durability tools (*)
Custom enchanted tool textures (!*)
Custom Fresh Animations for mobs (!*)
Many 3D models
Tons of animated textures
PBR Compatibility (!*)
Colored axolotl buckets (!)
Colored tropical fish buckets (!)
Beehive/Nest bee counter (!)
3D sun/moon skybox (*)
30+ bookshelf variants
Player Skin Animations (*)
Unique Goat Horns (!)
Silenced minecarts

* :WIP
! :Optifine needed

Attempts have also been made to make Minecraft accessible to everyone, including
partial & full colorblindness, arachnophobia, trypophobia, hard of hearing and Dyslexia.
This pack gives nearly everything a unique texture to help with differentiation for those visually impaired

Various addons (Labeled Alpha) are available in the Files tab to further customize the pack to your liking.

 You may reuse assets from this pack as long as clear and proper credit is given.
You may use this pack in streams if clear and proper credit is given & linked
You may NOT profit directly off of my work, especially without permission.
Please do not share unofficial bedrock ports. Bedrock coming soon.


I appreciate each and every one of you who love my work, but I felt it has gotten to a point where some 
respect my work too much. I have gotten many messages from artists who are falsely accused of stealing from
my pack, and some of these artists have been working hard and making art before me. Many of these artists 
have even inspired some aspects of Faithless, and it is unfair that only I am getting the recognition. 

Below is a list of a few packs which were made by some amazing artists who I feel deserved recognition,
and never to be seen as anything less than Faithless is

Bloom by Rose Bushes
Clusterful by Burrowbling
Cuboids by Cryokine
Gleam Things by Viper
Molten Craft by Magma
Pixalette by Pixelstories
Reverie by Ephial
Vividity by THX

Please do not call out anyone who you may suspect has stolen from my pack.

Please contact me directly first about it.




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