The F+ [32x]

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197,600 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 19, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5

This is a small addon for Faithful x32 with some user-friendly changes.


Main features:

  • Smaller swords
  • Bow and Crossbow changes
  • Low Fire
  • New Destroy effect
  • Smaller Crosshair
  • Better Pumpkin blur
  • Not rounded GUI
  • Better Anvil stages

How to use

  • Download Faithful x32
  • Use The F+ and Faithful x32 at the same time
  • Put The F+ above Faithful x32 in the resource pack options


Check out this project for more PVP features!



This resource pack is based on Faithful x32 textures. Check out Faithful Team's website.

This is the official page of The F+. I'm not responsible for other uploads.



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