Enhanced Menu Background

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1,701 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 16, 2020 Game Version: 1.16.2  

Very simple resource pack that changes the menu background to the old one from before 1.13, with shaders and the new textures. There's some small issues that I'll try to fix sometime soon though.

Panorama was taken in version 1.12.2 using the Quark mod, by Vazkii. It's not required for anything, but please show the mod some love!

I was using SIldur's Vibrant Shaders to take the screenshot, with some changes such as reduced lens flare and no waving flora.

The seed used is 8091867987493326313, in version Beta 1.7.3. Thank you so much to Tomlacko and the entire team at Minecraft@Home for making this possible!


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