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I do not tend to update this resource pack for the time being.


This texture pack is about: Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece and a little Ancient Egypt. The most significant features are, what comes to mind now, marble columns (red colored and fluted ) and architrave and frieze. The Spartan armor, the Lorica Segmentata ( roman armor ) and the armor of the Praetorian. Oil lamps, scrolls, Gladius ( roman sword ), a Minotaur, sandstone as travertine, marble tile, granite blocks, concrete blocks, different sorts of arranged stones.


- Its Resolution is mostly in 16x16 pixel per block side.
- Random Mob Support ( over 450 alternatives, before version 1.8x )
- Animated Textures

- HD tools / weapons / armor / font / sun / moon


- this texture pack is customisable here: http://www.pixel-puzzle.de


The images below are taken from an older version of this texture pack.

state: for MC 1.5.1
state: for MC 1.5.1 - black version and mosaic themed floor only available on Minecraft Forum
state: for MC 1.5.1
colomns - architrave - frieze
colomns - architrave - frieze
colomns - architrave - frieze
state: for MC 1.4.6 and below

different colored biomes


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