Echonilla (Smooth Vanilla 32x) WIP

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Echonilla, a vanilla style 32x pack with an Epic Adventures twist. The project is still WIP but updates will be released just like with my other pack so stay tuned and have fun - toby109tt / Toby P
 This project uses some help from image upscale and sharpening AIs to make my hand painted textures sharper so wanted to be upfront about that. 
Just to be clear I painted the textures and use AI to sharpen them a little the AI did not make a whole lot of the textures and everything was very much re edited and most textures were hand drawn and not touched by AI but some AI was used. 
Disclaimer I did not upscale any vanilla textures and leave them as is as that would be lazy I'm looking to make a pack that can really get a place of it's own and be a good project in it's own right not just a fast upscale job.

This project was also my introduction as newcomer to actually using AI productively in art to learn about the workflow and get another tool in my ever growing tool box. Also learning this seems inevitable, seeing how the current developments of the industry and profession are going so this is my way of preparing for the future with a new project.

The pack Is always changing and updated regularly If you would like to keep up with updates please check out my Discord.


Just as I love feedback for my other projects I really do wanna get feedback on this project. Anything not looking right? PLEASE do tell me and I can look into fixing it. 
So yeah feedback is always welcome for sure!



Textures are still very much based on vanilla so yeah keep that in mind ;D
So credit goes to Mojang for the original textures mine are based on!

Please follow these rules. thank you in advance!

You may:

- Make showcase videos and posts. please send people a link to this pack.
(If you link to the pack please link to this page.)
- Have fun with my pack ;D

You may not:
- Redistribute this pack or any of its assets as your own.
- Commercially use my assets.
- Create public mashup/edits using this pack’s assets. You can however make private edits.
- upload my pack to any other sites. Articles are also not allowed. All links in YouTube video's must directly go to this page! NO Other links allowed.
This pack shal NOT be shown in any way on resourcepack.net or 9minecraft or similar sites!