Dramatic Skys Minecraft Texture Pack

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Dramatic Skys is an add on pack that will make the skies in your game HD with realistic clouds and lighting. This pack works with any other resource pack, just simply add it over the other pack on the selection screen! This pack also causes no lag, none at all, so even the simplest of computers and laptops can use it easily without issue! This pack will vary a lot from my other packs, as it has MANY skies in it. Every area will have a sky that will vary depending on the biomes of Minecraft. So, in the desert at night, you will see the milky way, but while in the mountains you will see clouds and it wont be clear. This resource pack, as the title entails, will be the ultimate resource pack for sky textures. Mine included. This is the trail version of the pack, meaning it is not finished. There is a Patreon to help support the pack and gain benefits of doing so (Like beta versions). This is a large and ambitious project given there are a total of 79 biomes as of 1.19x. Each of these will have a day sky, sunset/sunrise, and a night sky; Making your Minecraft World more dynamic and realistic.

In the demo/legacy version, there is the classic Dramatic Sky with no additional skies. The full version has many (Over 50 so far!) With more on the way, even extras like animated auroras and shooting stars!

In the full version, all 79+ biomes will be effected and have custom sky textures. This trail is a proof of concept and for what is to come in the future. Feel free to download it for free to test it out! Betas and future versions will be available on Patreon to supporters!

New to the pack:

- Animated Auroras
- Shooting stars
- Meteor showers
- Animated Sun
- Color and Fog Maps
- Height based sky textures
- Fabric Support 
- Tornados
- More coming soon!

New Addition: Tornados!


If you make a video about the pack, I will put it here! All videos are appreciated!

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Please do not steal/modify textures unless for personal uses only! Do not create downloads for this on your own! Always link back to this site due to it being the original location. Texture Pack and details belong to thebaum64 (Christian Baum) Thank you!