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Is about the textures and models from MCPE ported for PC.


Comparison textures and models between MCPE to PC.


  • Nether bricks looks bit bright.
  • Tallgrass looks different and have height variants, also won't look rescaled, inlcude inside of flower pot.
  • The pistons looks better, the arm is different.
  • Ice block (non packed/normal) doesn't look translucent.
  • Lava and Water looks different, is similar to alpha/beta from 2010-2011, and the lava animation frames smooth same.
  • In HUD, the inventory looks bit translucent.
  • Leaves looks different to more fancy, except the jungle, doesn't look transparent.




Example about pack (in PC):



  • Don't make redistribution, just for personal use only.
  • You can make review about this pack, including monetized content, as long as you credit me "CrizArtEX" and link back to this page.
  • Strictly don't use for make fake concepts about MCPE future versions, everyone knows it's not a game and could cause consequences to the MCPE community.


It is all I will say about misc TP Port.


Just enjoy yourself, and sorry for my english.


Good luck!!!