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Developer Art Classic is a project driven by community and passion with the purpose of recreating the Beta Minecraft experience in modern versions with as much accuracy is possible by pushing the limits of resource pack technology and describing the styles of old. It is part of the "Developer Art" meta-project.

please ensure you are using "programmer art" beneath this resourcepack!

if you like this pack, let me know! also, share it with your fellow old-school minecrafters!


Video Settings:
--- Biome Blend: 15x15 (Maximum)
--- Brightness: Moody (+0%)
--- Mipmap Levels: OFF

~ If you are using any of the following mods,

these settings are recommended ~

Optifine Settings:
--- Quality...
------- Emissive Textures: ON
------- Custom Sky: ON
------- Custom Entity Models: ON
------- Custom Colors: ON

Colormatic Options:
--- Block Light Intensity: 100%

Nostalgic Tweaks Settings:
--- Eye Candy...
------- Old Light Rendering: OFF
------- Old Cloud Height: OFF

~ created by shmoobalizer ~



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