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Default Rebuild is a resource pack is made to resemble a vanilla minecraft feel, but with a rustic feel mixed with my own personal style and the things that I would love in the game

I highly recommend the use of optifine, as this pack contains many features that come greatly enhanced with it, and it helps the pack feel more alive

I would greatly appreciate if you could leave your comments, questions, feedback and suggestions down in the comment box, I would love to hear your ideas! 



  •  ⚔️ Custom Item Textures
  •  📦 Custom Block Textures
  •  📕 Custom GUI's
  •  🐮 Random Entity Textures
  •  📛 Cem, Cit, Ctm
  •  💡 Emissive Textures
  •  📜 Connected Textures
  •  🌳 Biome Based Textures
  •  🐗 Biome Based mobs
    • Much more Features in the resource pack!



-Added villager diversity, villagers in hotter biomes have darker skin, and villagers in colder biomes have lighter skins

-Remade dirt path & farmland textures

-Axolotl buckets now display the axolotl type

-Remade Prismarine blocks & items


Special CIT features:

Rename Netherite armor to:
-Soul Helmet
-Soul Chestplate
-Soul Leggings
-Soul Boots
to get an special texture [​OPTIFINE NEEDED]







I do not consent redistribution of this resource pack
This is is the only place where you can get this resource pack, you're not allowed to redistribute it
You can make edits of this resource pack, as long as they are just for your OWN PERSONAL USE, and you don't redistribute them

Thank you for reading and understanding






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