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[Datapack] The Fallen Overworld

Quite a while ago I made this datapack for me and my friends to enjoy on a 1.16.5 SMP.


It was so fun that we still play it to this day on a new 1.19 SMP.


I got tired of creating a new download link for every new datapack format for the new versions every time, so I created this page to put all my formats for different versions together here.


Check out the demonstration video on this datapack:


Features (also in the video description):

With this Datapack enabled, your night will be terrifying as you deal with countless Zombies chasing you with fast speed.

What about other mobs? They no longer exist. You will be focusing on dealing with the hordes of Zombies.

What also no longer exist are mobs like pigs, cows, sheep, and chickens. Good luck with finding food.



- Can deal up to FIVE hearts of damage.

- Can easily catch up to you if you do not sprint.

- No longer burn under the sun. Can be damaged from fire directly, but immune to afterburn.

- More resistent to knockbacks.

- They will not stop chasing their target even from a hundred blocks away.

- 15 armor points instead of 2.

- Every time you hit a zombie, 40% chance that will alert an entire horde.


Zombie Villagers:

- Hit slightly harder than regular Zombies.

- Slightly more resistent to knockbacks than regular Zombies.

- 16 armor points.

- Slightly slower than regular Zombies.



- Slower than other Zombies.

Somewhat faster than their Vanilla speed.

- 50% more damage than regular Zombies.

- 20 armor points.

- Fully immune to knockbacks.



- Faster than player sprinting speed. Can outrun you if you do not do anything about it.

- Less damage than regular Zombies, but can still hurt quite a lot.

- 10 armor points.