Dark Modern GUIs 32x

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45,081 Downloads Last Updated: May 29, 2020 Game Version: 1.8.9

If you don't like default Minecraft user interfaces, this resource pack is made for you!

This pack includes textures darker than vanilla ones, removes rounded corners and changes their color palette.

It is important to note that it is based on Material Design guidelines and WCAG AAA rules. It means it is optimized for accesssibility.


How to install it

After downloading it, launch Minecraft Java Edition. Navigate to the resource packs menu and click on "Open resource pack folder". When it's done you can copy the zip file into it. Search for it in the resource pack list and click on the arrow. Now that it is in the right side list, let it on the top of all other resource packs.

If you want to install an addon, just do the same. The addon always need to be above Dark Modern GUIs to work.


A look to the interfaces

 Crafting Table GUI


Villager GUI


Survival HUD

Mod support

Mods in italic are not fully supported.





Cooking for Blockheads

Iron Chests

Just Enough Items

Just Enough Resources


Storage Drawers

Upgrade Aquatic

The Endergetic Expansion

The Twilight Forest


Iron Backpacks


Refined Storage
Tinkers Construct
The Aether II


The pack series

Dark Modern GUIs 16x

Dark Modern GUIs 32x

More to come...



Can I use your textures ?

If it's for personal use, there no constraint to it. But if you want to publish it, please credit me ! : )

Where can I share my opinion ?

You're welcome to leave a comment right on this project page.

Does it have mod support ?

It does!

Where is it available ?

It is only available on CurseForge and PlanetMinecraft. If you have downloaded it on another website it is not official. Please let me know if that is the case.


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