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Filename Dandelion X 1.07 for MC 1.17.zip
Uploaded by xerotrinity
Uploaded Jun 7, 2021
Game Version 1.17
Size 24.72 MB
Downloads 20,831
MD5 b055dda6f12c81ab84a437a0e4f819ea
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Dandelion X 1.07 for Minecraft 1.17




Added Raw Iron, Raw Copper, and Raw Gold item textures 

Added Dripstone texture 

Added Glow Berries texture 

Added Moss texture 

Added Azalea Leave textures 

Added Azalea Plant textures 

Added Rooted Dirt texture 

Added Hanging Root texture 

Added Big Dripleaf textures 

Added Small Dripleaf textures 

Added Spore Blossom textures 

Added Bundle textures (Not yet implemented in 1.17 :| ) 

Added Amethyst textures 

Added Spyglass texture 

Added Powder Snow Bucket texture 

Added Copper Ingot texture

Added Candle textures 

Added Bucket of Axolotl texture 

Added Glow Ink Sac texture 

Added Glow Item Frame texture 



Added Raw Iron, Raw Copper, and Raw Gold textures 

Added all Candle, and Lit Candle textures 

Added Potted Azalea and Flowering Azalea Bush textures 

Added Deepslate textures: 

-Polished, Brick, Tile, Chiseled, Cracked, and Ore variants 

Added Smooth Basalt texture 

Added Amethyst textures 

Added Calcite texture 

Added Tuff texture 

Added Copper, and Cut Copper textures with Weathered variants 

Added Copper Ore texture 

Added Powder Snow texture 

Added Glow Lichen textures (Added randomized textures) 

Added Lightning Rod texture 

Added Tinted Glass texture 

Added Dripstone textures 

Added Glow Item Frame textures

Added Light Blue, Blue, Black, Cyan, Light Gray, Purple, and Red Glazed Terracotta textures 




Added Axolotl textures 

Added Goat texture 

Added Glow Squid textures 

Added Light Blue, Magenta Bed, Light Gray, and White Bed textures




Added Spyglass zoom texture 

Added custom map colors for new nether items (Optifine) 

Added custom GUIs to match all Shulker Box colors (Optifine) 

Added Bundle GUI textures (Not yet implemented in 1.17 :| ) 

Updated Icons GUI (Added Frozen Hearts)

Reworked Basalt textures 

Reworked Redstone Dust textures (Added animated textures too) 

Reworked Path Block textures 

Reworked all Horn Coral textures 

Reworked some Warped colors 

Animated and randomized Spore Blossom ambient particle texture 

Readded Magma's emissive texture (Optifine) 

Updated Color Properties file (Optifine, collar colors, map colors for new nether items, terracotta map colors) 

Randomized textures and emissive textures for Warped Fungus, Crimson Fungus, and Weeping Vines  

Randomized underwater ambient particles 

Recolored Frozen Vignette effect 

Updated Grass block and colormap colors 

Updated Tall Grass Bottom texture color slightly 

Tweaked Nether Wart texture slightly 

Tweaked Crying Obsidian Particles 

**Merged all 1.17 resource pack updates with recent 1.16 resource pack updates (optifine may not yet support 1.17)




Fixed some emissive textures causing their inventory item to have a dark appearance (Optifine) 

Fixed some Shulker Box colors 

Fixed Brick item texture to match Brick blocks

Fixed Mooshroom texture 

Updated Foliage and Grass colormaps

Fixed Advancements Screen 

Fixed Warped Roots Pot texture 

Moved Squid texture into new Squid folder