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I do NOT own ANY of these songs. I just personally love listening to them. I sing along to these songs quite a lot. I listen to them almost every day and I am still not tired of them. This Resource Pack ONLY includes custom disc music not background music. This resource pack will work with versions under 1.16 but you wont get Nogla's full outro song if you use it in those versions. There are a few songs that have unnecessary background noise in the background that you can slightly hear but it's not a huge issue and I couldn't do anything about it either because the audio is from the original material. If you would like to listen to all of Nogla's music then go to the link below for a playlist of it all.
The audio can fade in/out depending on how close you are to the jukebox unlike my "favorites" resourcepack.

Disc 13
: "Daithi De Nogla - Shiver (Cover)"
Cat: "Daithi De Nogla - Your Love"
Blocks: "Daithi De Nogla - Unloved, Loving"
Chirp: "Daithi De Nogla - No One But You (Cover)"
Far: "Daithi De Nogla - Georgia (Cover)"
Mall: "Daithi De Nogla - The Others"
Mellohi: "Daithi De Nogla - The Scientist (Cover)"
Stal: "Daithi De Nogla - First Day of My Life (Cover)"
Strad: "Daithi De Nogla - Making a Change"
Ward: "Daithi De Nogla - Firefly"
Disc 11: "Daithi De Nogla - Daughters (Cover)"
Wait: "Daithi De Nogla - Life sucks when youre living on the cusp"

Pigstep: "Sound Shapes - Hills n' Spills (Nogla's Outro)"

Daithi De Nogla's You Tube

Southern Pixel's You Tube (Mine)

Playlist of all Nogla's songs


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