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Hi everyone, and welcome on the official page of my first resource pack(Add-On n°1 - Hardened Clay):

Cynips's Synesthesia.

(aka Cynesthesia, for the close friends)

This pack is a x512, hand-drawn with watercolor, pen, pencil, and love, fully black & white (or grayscale, depends of how you see it), playable, "hardcore", kind of faithful, colorblind friendly, themeless(unless you consider my color choices as a theme), imperfect... and still a WIP (however all blocks are 100% done + colormaps & custom handwrited font).

I've been working on it since about 10 months (around the 1.6), it represents hundreds of hours of work. But, you know, when you love you don't count the cost.

I know that this pack will certainly not became the most used, due to my bias and resolution, but I hope it will please to some of you and that you will want to give it, at least, a little try.

I will keep you update with new textures as regularly as RL allow me to do so.
Still a LONG way to go to get his pack "finished"...

Feedbacks and constructive criticism are appreciated (and needed).
Please keep this thread in a mannerly spirit.

More here:

Hope you enjoy!

You can only use this resource pack for your personal use.

You can use it for "Let's play", "Showcase", and adventures map, only if you specify clearly the full name of the pack and the link to this official page in your description (direct links to downloads are forbidden). Monetization of videos is only allowed with the provision that doing so doesn't jeopardize or otherwise infringe on my copyright, and that all other provisions of the terms of use are obeyed.

You can not do anything with this work outside of in-game use (E.g.: remix packs, textures editing, redistribute it with or without adfly, hosting the pack for your server, claim it's yours, etc...). NOTHING.

If you list me, make and display vids, show pics of the pack in action, you MUST credit me and link back to my thread here, but DO NOT redistribute my pack (or any part of it) or claim the work as your own, or link directly to my downloads (only link to my thread here)

The only place authorized to distribute The resource pack is in this Curse/Forge official page and official . If you find this pack somewhere else, complete or partial, please report and/or tell me. I will not post this pack on PlanetMinecraft (for example), and if it happens I will let you know that clearly here.

I will soon put my TAU emblem, and conditions that follow, here.


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