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+ Subtle animation to glow squid
| fixed Bigender bee being angry all the time
+ Black Melanoid Axolotl (must rename a wild/brown axolotl to anything with "Black" in it)
+ Albino Axolotl (must rename a pink/lucy axolotl to anything with "Albino" in it)
+ Glowing Green Axolotl (must rename a gold axolotl to anything with "Green" in it)
| Pink moobloom texture changed
+ added Fancy chicken (thank you ewan howell)
| Fixed parrot texture names
| Fixed title error (#7)
+ Made axolotl buckets mirror the axolotl type (including the special named ones)
+ Mule and Donkey pegasus (rename to "Pegasus")
+ Chimera axolotls! (rename any axolotl to "Chimera")
+ Red squid variant (only spawns in deep ocean) (#8)
+ jeb_ axolotl, rename an axolotl to jeb_ to have it animate like a jeb sheep!! (#11)

Firefly axolotls!* Mix and match axolotl bodies and tails! just rename any axolotl to have the tail type you want!


*this is a rare and slightly controversial practice in real life, and its done by splitting and recombining axolotl embryos, and causes no pain to the axolotl