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876 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 16, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2
  1. This Is A "Crappy" Texturepack (well, it was crappy but i put a lot of effort after it got 50-100 downloads)
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Crappy Pack

Currently the Pack is in WIP (beta)

Its one of my FIRST packs ever created and i put a lot of effort into it

You can leave suggestions of you want which texture should be added


14.3.2019 - changes to the file tab


 Dev Notes

(pretend that the first 6 files are less than 7mb, they contained unused material)

(few sounds are used from texturepack The Asphyxious)

(the diamond armor is also from The Asphyxious) - probably changing later

(bedrock, cactus, lava bucket, beacon, nether star, redstone repeater are also from The Asphyxious)

(wool textures from CrappyPack 0.5 and later are from my most favourite texturepack called OzoCraft)

(thats all folks!)


(when will 1.2 be approved?)


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