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1,128 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 5, 2019 Game Version: 1.8.9   +21

Craft Sans is a pixel typeface far better than any released before. Too long have our eyes strained to read the crunched m’s and too-wide o’s of Minecraft’s default font. Too long have we suffered under the tyranny of its illegible ampersand and strange squished capital letters. But now, there has come a resource pack directly from the gods themselves! Download it, and you will be freed forever from the chains of bad typography!

so yeah it’s a font

Craft Sans is a resource pack for the video game Minecraft, containing a new font for the user interface of the aforesaid game. This illustrious typeface contains such letters as A, B, C, and many more besides, all meticulously designed for maximum legibility.
If you have not already downloaded it, a photograph of this masterpiece may convince you, seen below:
Seriously, download it.


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