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Clueless Craft CIT includes adorable decorative furniture, fun toys, cute animal companions, and more to come! We have over 500 models you can use to bring your builds to the next level! you can see the list of items here on our website

What's a CIT?

CIT or Custom Item Texture is a resource pack feature that allows you to change the model or texture of a Minecraft item depending on certain properties, namely, names. Clueless Craft CIT uses this to allow you to turn your planks, wool, or mushrooms into furniture, game consoles, or even snails! Simply rename your item in an anvil and put it in the world by placing it in an item frame! For a list of possible items and their names check out our Catalog


Over 500 CIT items to build, wear, or decorate with.
Searchable Online Catalog
All our CIT's can be worn on your head! Playing a mod pack or server with /hat? all of our models have been designed with this in mind so give it a try!
Compatible with any resource pack! Tho designed with a few in mind, our models will adapt to any resource pack you're using!

Optifine Required
We reccomend using Optifine 1.16.5 UG7 or UG8
We recommend using an invisible item frames resource pack or mod.

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Join our vanilla SMP server! The best place to find other's building with Clueless Craft CITs!

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Join our modded Creative server! During the month of October, we'll be following the Buildtober challenge! Build with us using CIT packs, Chisels & Bits, and more!