Chromatica RP

Texture Packs
244 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 29, 2018 Game Version: 1.13.1

Resourcepack used when playing chromatica.

Keeps most of the vanilla txtures intact, but modifies some to fit gameplay:

  • Carrot on a stick -> paintbrush
  • Green based endrods
  • Stained glass -> concrete
  • Brown stained glass -> lime stained glass
  • Concrete -> stained glass
  • Darker black concrete
  • Some stairs and slabs now have stained glass textures to look like flat colors
  • Seemless item frames
  • Seemless signs
  • Seemless glowstone
  • Lime, orange gray and light gray stained glass panes model changed so they can be used as GUI icons.
  • Generic equipment sounds removed


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