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This Resource pack and all it's contents have been created by me for the Immersive Railroading mod.

You can download Immersive Railroading mod here:



The pack currently has the following Rolling Stock:
- BR 143 (2 paints; Standard DB Red ["Verkehrsrot"], Old S-Bahn paint ["Kieselgrau/Orange"])
- BR 112 (only in Standard DB Red ["Verkehrsrot"])
- BR 114 (only in Standard DB Red ["Verkehrsrot"]) <- Spawns with the 143 numbers so I don't have to seperate them, keeping filesize lower

(BR 143,112,114 are bascially the same locomotive, 112/114 just go faster with little less tractive effort and 112 has different headlights)
- Bxf 796 "X-Wagen" with Bx 794; (missing ABx 791 but it's coming at some point) (also available in the same paints as the BR 143)
- BR 194/E94 (3paints; Standard Green DR paint, Standard Green DR paint with red bogies, Oceanblue and Beige)

- V51

Because electrics aren't officially supported by IR yet, they are secretly set as "diesel". Their efficiency is OP as of now because of it so just one bucket of diesel is enough.


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