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Enjoy every potted sapling in FULL 3D!


If you ever wanted some neat decor around your home, or perhaps were just looking for something a little spicier than saplings in flower pots, look no further. This resource pack takes the flat papercraft-aesthetic and pops it into the third dimension, in resemblance to the trees you would see all around your Minecraft world. It's also fairly resource pack compatible, with certain exceptions being animated or colored textures. No Optifine or any other APIs required. (But if you don't have Optifine I strongly recommend downloading it.)


With this resource pack, you get the following texture changes:

Flower Pot Item

Flower Pot


Prefer Vanilla-looking Pots?

Both textures have been altered to more closely match that of real life bonsai planters.

If you wish to not have these texture alterations, then you may download the Vanilla Pots version, which simply keeps the original textures and style in shape. Check out the Files Page for that download.

It's all up to preference.

All potted plant models have been updated to DAZZLING 3D:

Flower Pots

Potted Oak Saplings

Potted Spruce Saplings

Potted Jungle Saplings

Potted Acacia Saplings

Potted Dark Oak Saplings

Potted Birch Saplings

Potted Brown Mushrooms

Potted Red Mushrooms

Potted Bamboo

Potted Cactus

Potted Warped Fungus

Potted Crimson Fungus

Potted Lily of the Valley

Potted Pink Tulip

Potted Poppy

Potted Dandelion

Potted Wither Rose

Potted Blue Orchid

Potted Fern

Potted Cornflower

Potted Orange Tulip

Potted Dead Fern


Red Tulip

White Tulip

Azure Bluet

Oxeye Daisy

Azalea Bush

Flowering Azalea Bush

Crimson Roots

Warped Roots


Update 1.4: 9 New Bonsais! (All that's left)

Thanks for 15K Downloads!

9 More bonsais have been added. These range from new bonsais (such as lavender) to colorful variations of pine trees, and bamboo.

There are now no more potted plants to bonsai-ifize. Wake me when Mojang adds more potted plants.

Showcase of the 9 new bonsais.



Update 1.2: 10 New Bonsais!

Thanks for 1.5K Downloads!

I really didn't expect this small resource pack to gain as much traction as it did, but here we are.

This update adds 10 more bonsais to the list, mimicking certain real trees such as cherry blossoms, willow trees, and even dead trees. With this, however, there are also some 'less real' additions like blue trees, wither trees, and the 'tree of life'. More trees = more fun!

In this update I also redid the Flower Pot model to be more compact, using less cubes than before, and also making it more compatible with VanillaTweaks 3D pot holding. Visually, the pot looks the same.

The 10 New Bonsais ~ Thanks for 1.5K!


Enjoy! But not too much.




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