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Resource Pack 
A Fantasy World Constructed from Block Textures

Java Edition
Introduce:Blockpixel was founded in 2011, since the first time I saw Minecraft, changed the view of everything, the deepest scene in my inner world, is the world of Minecraft everything is square, all the impossible things, in Minecraft are so real, So memorable, so I created blockpixel purpose, is to the whole world with square texture as a feature, continue to play the charm of Minecraft.

Basic info:

Name: BlockPixel 
Twitter: @Jakob_zero

Discord: BlockPixel
Minecraft versions: Official version 1.12.2-1.20.x
Features: Connected textures | Color map | 3D models 
Website: BlockPixel.net


1. all the textures are made up of square patterns.
2. the coldness and heat can be felt between the biological communities.
3.Some of the squares and items are replaced by the model.
4.Dynamic texture.
5.Random texture.
6.The sound effects of the Beta period.
7.Secret surprise......


You can't:
• Make an edit, remake or mashup of this texture pack to distribute
• Take textures of this texture pack and put it in yours to distribute
• Use own ads and file links like (Ad link removed) and Mediafire to download the texture pack
• Publish or review this texture pack in any other web page without my permission
You can:
• Make a review of this texture pack on YouTube leaving the link of this page and credits on the description

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