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Note that this pack requires Optifine to function properly


What this pack does

With the use of Optifine's animations, this texture pack makes mobs blink! As of currently, not all mobs that are supposed to blink work. This is because of a bug with Optifine's animations not being compatible with a few mobs which is something I cannot fix myself.


Each mob has a custom blinking time-frame, and a time for how long they stay blinking, an example being that Dolphins will usually take long breaks before blinking, and will stay in a blinking state for only a short amount of time, or Blazes, which blink pretty often and stay in a blinking state for a short while.


Mobs that blink 
















-Polar Bears



-Trader Llamas




-Wandering Traders



-Zombie Pigmen


Mobs that don't blink

-Cave Spiders



-Elder Guardians

-Ender Dragon






-Iron Golems

-Magma Cubes






-Skeleton Horses


-Snow Golems




-Tropical Fish



-Wither Skeletons


-Zombie Horses

-Zombie Villagers


Mobs that will blink in the future







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