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Biomes O' Plenty - Excalibur

Note: I am not the original creator of Excalibur, that would be maffhew. However, I asked him a permission to post this on CurseForge.


As an admirer of maffhew's Excalibur resourcepack and Biomes O' Plenty mod. I created custom textures and models for BOP's blocks in order for them to fit Excalibur's medieval look.



- Unique textures and models for each wood type.

- Adds overhanging leaves to BOP's leaves

- Foliage variations and custom models

- Transition textures for certain BOP blocks

- Compability fixes for some Optifine features


This is still a work in progress.





Wooden stuff




maffhew - creator of Excalibur // Discord

Forstride - owner of Biomes O' Plenty