This resourcepack is a Normal X-Ray but better !

4 times lighter of normal X-Ray Ultimate

Compatible with all texturepack !

you need mod compatibility with a lot of ores ? see here X-ray Bridge

You can use a trick for make the ores more visible: (All trick require SmoothLight [OFF])

- Night vision potion

- OptiFine (OptiFine)

- CTM mod (CTM)

- CTM mod fabric (CTM Fabric)

- CTM Refabricated mod (CTM Refabricated)

- Hyper Lighting Colored Light Core (Hyper Lighting Colored Light Core) [no longer supported on 1.18 version]

####[ Hyper Lighting Colored Light Core integration don't require SmoothLight [OFF] but for now this mod have a little problem of light.. i hope mod creators fix it ]

You can go to see the "Better X-Ray Lite" version here ! (https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/texture-packs/better-x-ray-lite)

Watch CraftStone video tutorial how download this resourcepack : Click Here


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