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Sometimes you get bored of having same texture for iron, coal, gold, diamonds... or maybe copper and zinc? You see something that you need to dig first to recognize it? Here is the solution! In this resourcepack I haven't changed anything except the ores, but now they look really different. The ore part (not the stone itself) has the 512x texture. So you can enjoy your default MC textures but with new ores. Plus, it has mod support.

THIS PROJECT HAS JUST STARTED! There will be more ores in future.

 - Supported versions: hmm, I'm not sure about 1.6.2+, but 1.6.2 works fine. I've gotta check it some day, but I'm too lazy. However, I guess the vanilla part will work well unless they change the resoucepack format. It should work everywhere starting from 1.5.x up to the newest ones.

 - Supported mods: Industrial Craft 2, Forestry, Metallurgy (about 10% ready though), Aether II. Suggest your ideas!

 - Update log:

 * 0.1: Just added it to Curse.

 * 0.2: Aether II ores.


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