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Do you have fond memories of visiting your grandfather's farm when you were young? I'm sure that as soon as you got there you'd run off on your own to go exploring. You'd happily spend hours climbing over his rusty, old farm equipment and poking around in the dusty corners of his many sheds. Your favorite shed of all was the old wooden, weather-beaten one down the bottom of the farm. The one with the big, rusty, old padlock on the door. You tried asking grandad if he'd unlock it for you so you could see inside, but he always changed the subject. Of course, this only made you even more curious. You'd sit up on his rusty, red tractor and just stare longingly at the shed. You'd imagine all sorts of strange and wonderful things that were probably hidden there. Mysterious and magical things. If only you could see inside.

But, one day you found a way in, didn't you...

Most of the textures in Battered Old Stuff will look a lot like the things you found in your grandfather's shed. Rusty, faded, knocked around, and made of weathered old wood or metal. You'll often find switches, knobs, analogue gauges, and bits of old brass on them. And even bakelite (do you remember bakelite?).

I highly recommend installing Optifine. Battered Old Stuff includes a lot of Connected Textures and you need Optifine in order to see them.

Battered Old Stuff will always be a WIP.

Mod Support

In the Files section I've included textures for the mods I'm currently using under Minecraft.

Mod texture files will have the  icon.
The regular Minecraft textures files will have the  icon.


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