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Balanced Energy |16x|

 Balanced Energy is a 16x resource pack with a fantasy/steampunk thematic, the original concept stems from a short piece of lore, written when the project started:


«A long time ago, there was perfect balance of power on the Minecraft world, thanks to the magic energy extracted from dragon eggs, advanced technomancy was easily accessible to every inhabitant of the world. But one day, monsters from the nether realm, who had been closed off of the outside world, rose back to the surface with the intention to take revenge and take the energy for themselves. After a long battle, they succeded, leaving the entire world in ruins,  they collected every dragon egg but one, and forged them into an incredibly powerful item, the Nether Star. During the last battle, the Ender Dragon, in a panic to protect the last egg, used all of its remaining energy to create a dimension to vanish herself, and becoming overprotective of the egg. Thousands of years later, you have awaken in a world still in shambles after the war, save for some small comunities that have been rebuilt since then, your goal is to regain the last dragon dragon egg, and through its energy, you must revive the Wither and recover the Nether Star, only then will balance be restored in the world.»


-In the resource pack itself, some of the blocks revolve around this concept of "Ender Energy", represented by a purple flowing texture, and usually acompanied by gold for no other good reason than that I love that color combination. This is shown in things like the enchanting table or the dragon egg.
-Diamond recieves a small change, keeping a slight blue/cyan tint from default, but also including a faded rainbow effect.

-Saplings have a 3D model.

-Redstone machines are encased by an iron frame, and they show their powered state with small patches of redstone, when it's possible within the restrictions of blockstates.

-A whole lot of other things, but you'll have to see ;)


! Some of the features on this resource pack require Optifine, so it is recomended !


In essence, the general idea is just me giving my own spin to the textures in the game, no strict artstyle apart from the main concepts, so sometimes things might not be fullt cohesive.

This resource pack is constantly evolving, everything is always subject to change, I've been working on it on and off for about 4 years, my artstyle and skill level changes with every version, and there are a couple of very old textures from the first iterations still in the newest version, but I've been slowly working towards remaking all of them with a bit more quality. 


If you'd like, you can follow me on twitter, where from time to time I'll post updates on my textures and projects in general

I'd like to give special thanks to everyone in the Pack Painters, Artist's Refuge and Optifine discord servers for their feedback and nice words over the years.



Balanced Energy 0.7

At long last, an update has come along.

A lot of old textures that at this point are 4+ years old have been revamped, most notably, grass, stone bricks and shulker boxes.

Netherite armor has also been given a texture, and along with diamond armor has gained an emissive texture.

A new panorama has been added, and menu buttons and the hotbar have been redone.


Here are some comparisons between the old textures and the new retextured ones: