APoV [64x64]

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2,449 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 11, 2013 Game Version: 1.7.2

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APoV is a resource pack created under some parameters, which are:

Partially faithful
Similarity with Minecraft vanilla blocks. Structures made in vanilla Minecraft will preserve roughly the same style. Colours, shapes even some of the logic behind the blocks are very close to vanilla. It is almost an improved version of the original textures from Minecraft.

Easy recognition
The blocks were designed to be easily recognised, yet with a touch of style. The visibility was improved by using slightly lighter textures and the appearance of the materials they are made of was standardised (all wood stuff use the same wood texture, for example). Some details have been increased while some other elements have been simplified, all with the aim of facilitating the recognition of the blocks.

Between pixel art and realistic art
A touch of realism with pixel art.

Logical design
The materials shown in the art represent the necessary components to create the block. You will not see, for example, metal parts in objects made purely of wood (e.g. crafting table). Of course, some exceptions are accepted for the good of the final result.

The resource pack aims to be used without the need of special programs, using only basic Minecraft. However, advanced features will become available (CTM, mod support, et cetera.) and be downloaded separately. In other words, you only download what you need to use. This minimises the number of unnecessary files for the end user (lighter packages).