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Absolution Resource Pack

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Absolution X16

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Absolution X128

Recently added Normal maps and specular. Disable Specular if you're shader isn't appearing like it should. Some shaders may not read the specular mapping to the desired setting or may overdo it.

~You can disable specular in the shader settings of the GLSL shader menu.

texture pack should work with all versions of minecraft. Vanilla, Modded, Versions with Resource Pack Compatability.


~Update Logs~

     Update #42 : 6/22/17

reformatted texture pack to layout 3 so it would comply with 1.12
redid tallgrass, and double_plant_grass, added bone, magma, red netherrack brick, nether wart, and added all new command block textures with animations.

adding more and more terracotta designs in the following weeks.

additionally: Corrected some normal maps for SEUS, and other shader packs. removed 2d asset normal maps because of errors displaying them with bump maps.
Update #38 : 4/28/15
replaced pumpkin top with better texture.
Added some items.
Blaze Rod, Blaze Powder, Glowstone Dust, Gun Powder, Bowl, Rabbit Stew, Mushroom Stew, Bread, Carrot, Rabbit[cooked/raw], fishing rod[cast/uncast]. 

Just x16 textures brought up to date. : 7 days ago4/20/15

x16(transfered from 128x)
Cob Web, houstonia, all double plants, wheat, some items from 128x that aren't released in 128x yet. working on them.

Just thought x16 merited an updated release because it didn't previously have already existing textures from 128(old release). Still need to add potato plant and carrot plant.

Update #36 : 13 days ago4/14/15

No more adfly links. If you would like to Donate(Same on Curse page) click on donate link[PayPal]

Update #35 : 18 days ago4/09/15

Added Flowers to x16 texture pack,
Added beef[raw/cooked], Apples[Normal, Golden], Books[written, spell, normal], and finally Pistons to All texture packs.

Update #34 : 26 days ago4/01/15

All new blocks relating to x128 added to x16

Update #33 tiny add-on : 27 days ago3/31/15

Added Comparator, and Repeater.[blocks, and item icons]

Update #32 : about a month ago3/28/15

Added Melon[Block, item, etc], and Added Pumpkin_side, _top, and _face_[on/off].

Major Cake related enhancements and tweeks : about a month ago3/25/15

Non-major update
End Portal Texture reskin, Cake Item and Textures added.

Tweeks[Enhancments/Corrections] to Stone brick, Stone Slabs, Tree Logs.

Update #30 : about a month ago3/20/15

Tweeks to Absolution_b wool, and added new items from Absolution(see update 29) over to Absolution_b

Update #29 small : about a month ago3/19/15

experimental destroy stages, trapdoor, iron_trapdoor.

Update #28 : about a month ago3/16/15

Melon_stem, Pumpkin_stem, Skeleton and Wither Mob

Update #27 : about a month ago3/12/15

Potion particle effects added. Yesterdays work, finished today.

Update #26 : about a month ago3/12/15

experience_orb, redstone_dust, spawn_egg, paper, touched up bed textures. and touched up redstone_dust_cross. removed xcf files(editing files)

A bit of this and that : about a month ago3/01/15

Slime(Mob and Block), Mob_Spawner, Torches, Levers, Lantern, Items:Enchantment Bottle, Snowball, Bone, Trip Wire Hook, Bucket. Eye of Ender, Ender Pearl.

Just Bottles : 2 months ago2/22/15


Update #23 : 2 months ago2/17/15

Command Block, Paintings[Item, Entity(still-in-progress)], Sign[Item, Entity], Armor Stand[Item, Entity], Item Frame Backround

Update #22 semi-big update : 2 months ago2/10/15

bed(item, and blocks), leather, saplings, water lily, flower pot(item, and block), web

Paintings coming soon

Update #21 : 2 months ago2/04/15

added bookshelf

Update #20 : 2 months ago1/28/15

added normal maps and specular to rails, and changed sand

Update #19 ....I like trains : 3 months ago1/26/15

added train tracks aka rail_normal, _detector, _activator, etc.
hope you like :D

Update #18 : 3 months ago1/11/15

added lava and fire(internet source linked fireownership.txt)

Update #17 : 3 months ago1/10/15

added animated water flow(not perfected though)

Update #16 : 3 months ago1/07/15

corrected normal maps for brick, and nether brick. Also added Normal Maps for Fern and Double Plant Fern.

Finished 80% of normal maps : 4 months ago12/26/14

I uploaded more normal maps and specular shaders.
They look good on most shaders, but rain is still an iffy part of shaders so don't expect perfect results.
Try it in Seus v.10.1 v2 preview. I highly recommend it. Just disable clouds in video settings.

Non Update/Future Update Preview in picture 1 : 4 months ago12/23/14

Check in 12/25 for normal maps, specular, and particles update.