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Last Updated: Feb 3, 2019 Game Version: 1.14-Snapshot


Apr 27, 2018

Owner: JermsyBoy

"A Little Taste of Jerm" is my personal resource pack I have been working on for a few years now, for my singleplayer series on Youtube. It was originally inspired by BdoubleO100's resource pack, but has changed and grown a lot over the past few years. The pack is best used with Optifine, to see all the connected textures, custom sky, and custom colors; but it does work in Vanilla and in the 1.13 snapshots.


I also have an add-on I've made to replace all the Glazed TerraCotta textures with various different building blocks, which can be found here.

You may not redistribute the textures/models from this pack without my permission.

You can watch my latest update video here:


The pack is also now available for Bedrock Edition (Win10, Android, IOS)

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