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Stracciatella Shaders

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A very lightweight vanilla style shader with colored lights. Focuses on adding some nice features that go hand in hand with vanilla. It is highly configurable and lets you craft your own personal vanilla experience.


Village in the Morning. Shot using a custom LUT



Full Feature List


Improved Fog

  • Fog Start and Fog End controls

Customizeable Fog Color

Configurable Sun and Moon size

Configurable Sun Angle

Horizon Cutoff for Sun/Moon

Custom Stars

  • Customizeable Density, Size, Coverage and Glow

Shooting Stars

  • Customizeable Direction, Density, Speed, Trail length and Trail thickness

Fully Custom Sky

  • Customizeable Sunset Colors
  • Customizeable Sky Colors
  • Customizeable Fog Colors
  • Customizable End Sky

Waving Plants, Leaves, Lanterns, Liquids and Lilypads

Custom Lightmap

  • Fully customizeable Lightmap
  • Customizeable Skylight Colors
  • Customizeable Blocklight Colors
  • Customizeable Skylight and Blocklight Ambient Occlusion levels
  • Customizeable Blend Curves

Camera Options

  • Vignette
  • Contrast
  • Vibrance
  • Saturation
  • Brightness

Support for Custom LUTs (up to 21)

Rain Refraction

Custom Rain puddles

  • Customizeable Size
  • Customizeable Coverage
  • Customizeable Opacity

Improved Underwater Fog

  • Fog increases with depth

Configurable Blinking Ores


Customizeable Block Outline

World Time Animation




You are allowed to

Use my shaderpack in your videos / screenshots


You are not allowed to

Redistribute my shaderpack: If you want to provide a download link you must link to this page

Use monetized URL shorteners linking to downloads of my shaderpack

Publish edits of my shaderpack without my permission



Download and install Optifine

Download the shaderpack and put it into your shaders folder

 - On Windows: C:\Users\[USER]\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\shaderpacks

Open Options, click Video Settings, click Shaders

Select "Stracciatella Shaders"



Other Links

GitHub - Here you can find unreleased nightly versions of my shader. They might not work or be glitchy so be careful!

Useful Tools for Shader Developement - I created some tools to help me make my shader work. You can find them here.


Contact Me

You can contact me on Discord:

My Server: