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!!NOW COMPATIBLE WITH IRIS 1.16-1.18 AND OF 1.12-1.18!!



There are MANY new color profiles available under options>video settings>shaders>shader options>color profile if you dont like defualt or want to change things up.

Change these before giving up on the shader they greatly change the look.

Rename textures in Sora_Shaders_1.14>shaders>textures to skyboxes.png to match the skybox to the color style. The alternative skyboxes are named accordingly

skyboxesCOLORSTYLENAMES.png I eventually plan to replace this system but unfortunately its how it is for now.




 Customized with gameplay as the first priority. If you don't like dark or high contrast shaders this is the shader for you.

!Is compatible with 1.18 and 1.17!

This shader pack is an edit of Dedelners ProjectLUMA found https://dedelner.net/

Full code credit to him.

You are not allowed to share this shader or an edit of this shader publicly.

If you showcase this shader please link back to this page.

Made by 8ScottSterling8 In the shaderLabs Discord

How to install shaders. https://minecraftshader.com/how-to-install-shaders-in-minecraft/

 If you dislike the new water and want the old water back use version 1.12