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🎃 Insanity Shader



A stylized, horror themed Iris shaderpack with high customizability and performance.


Insanity is based from BSL Shaders by Capt Tatsu! With expanded customizability, new clouds, and a unique scary atmosphere




  • 🧟 Horror styled gameplay. Great for horror modpacks!
  • 📓 Highly customizable shader configuration. Expanded from BSL's limits.
  • ⛈️ Immersive weather. From foggy mornings to torrential rains.
  • 📝 User-friendly menu. Including a quick options menu with easy to configure settings.
  • 💻 Runs on most modern PC's! Optimized even for modern low end GPUs.
  • 🔦 Always bring some torches. Not only the night is dark, the Nether and End are even worse!
  • 🌎 Wide compatibility across versions. Supports all newer MC versions, even 1.19 using Iris!
  • ☀️ Support for "realistic" texture packs*


* Please enable "Advanced Materials" on the Materials and Reflections settings


Can I share the shader with my friends/community/followers?

Yes, of course. Just don't distribute the files. If you want to share the shader, send the link to this curseforge page.

If you want to include the shaderpack inside a modpack, please contact me through curseforge first.


Can I make a video using this shader?

Feel free to make any video with the shader, crediting would be appreciated, but it's not necessary :)

If you plan on making a review, don't forget to share it in the comments of this page so we can see it!


How do I install the shader? (Iris)

The recommended way to use Insanity is through Iris Shaders, an alternative to OptiFine

  • To install it, download it from their website, open the .jar file and install it in your .minecraft folder
  • Then download Insanity and place the .zip file onto .minecraft\shaderpacks
  • Open Minecraft using the Fabric Loader that Iris installed and go to Video Settings > Shaders and select Insanity
  • Enjoy the darkness.


 Made with 🖤 by ElocinDev

Special thanks to Capt Tatsu for making BSL