659 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 30, 2020 Game Version: 1.12.2

Warning: If you are going to use Optifine, DISABLE: fast render (options > graphics > performance > fast render).


I do not own of any mods I`am using these mods to create modpacks and huge thanks to all mods creators.


This modpack is combination of me created private modpack: ZombiesAPO and another one: Better-Realistic (Public).


In this modpack mods that made game not really hard or even to TO hard was removed And was added mods that give zombies

apocalyptic look.


This modpack contains almost every optimization mod. But not recommended for potato pc`s because it has high quality 3D models.


If you are interested in me created original modpack Better-Realistic its free to play.


(recommendation: install optifine in modpack`s mods folder but fallo the rule on top of this modpacks`s description).


Spush x on your keyboard to open guns mod inventory.







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