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Another My Little Pony based modpack where the Doctor Whooves will save Equestria & the ponies started to explore the Space!

This is a little pack for all bronies & pegasister that includes various Sci-Fi and Tech mods.

Play as a Pony and see other players, npc or some mobs as a pony and explore your world or upload your own Pony Skin through the inbuilt upload manager at the menu screen.

This pack comes with a already installed resourcepack that improves the world of Minecraft to get a better feeling like in my little pony.


*We recommended that you install optional "OptFine" Mod to enable the HD Fonts of the installed resourcepack and enable some other nice Tweaks.


  • To change your skin, press "F1" at the main Minecraft menu to use the built-in Mine Little Pony skin manager. Or change your skin on Minecraft.net in the usual way. Once you have the mod installed, run Minecraft and switch to the third-person view (F5) to see yourself as a pony!

"Tip from the X-Pony Team to make your own pony skin: Pony SkinCraft - Beta"

  • Press "F9" when you are in-game to open the configuration menu.

"Originally from Mine Little Pony"

~A MLP based Texture Pack is already installed and Activated~


(Optional) Texture Packs:

Love & Tolerance Texture Pack

Love & Tolerance Texture Pack: Winter Edition

Love & Tolerance Texture Pack: Spring Edition

Lemon & Tolerance Texture Pack: HD Edition

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